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The GOBLIN, the WITCH and the FLEA

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About the Book

Liam shares his imaginative story of a goblin, a witch, and a flea in a fun, memorable rhyme that is sure to delight. Even a small flea can teach us a powerful message about acceptance, kindness, and love.

Despite their obvious differences, Bree the flea longs to one day win the friendship of Soblin the goblin and Mitch the witch. This not-so-spooky story is the perfect way to end the day and get ready for bedtime.

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About the Author

Gabriela Fuller

Gabriela Fuller is a debut children’s book author in 2021. The Goblin, the Witch and the Flea was inspired by a fun nighttime routine of making up stories with her son. Her love of storytelling began from a young age; however, it was only until she had children of her own that she uncovered her true passion. With five years under her belt as “Mommy,” she tested out her creative storytelling talents and read her son Liam her first book idea. In the words of Liam, “Kids will love it!” He granted her his official “5-star review!”

​Now a Mommy of two, the impromptu stories continue to be her children’s favorite part of bedtime. Gabriela’s dream is to bring smiles to the masses, to keep telling stories, and for her books to one day be a cherished part of bedtime routines everywhere. 

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